Why Training Videos are a Sound Investment in your Business

Why Training Videos are a sound investment in your Business

1. Your Training Video is a Digital Asset

When your business invests in a Training Video you are effectively creating a digital asset. This digital asset does not does not expire, need to repeatedly upkeep a physical space to be give a presentation or even need a consistently hire a qualified expert to present.

2. Ability to scale without increased cost.

One of the most advantageous appeals of a digital asset is that it can be enjoyed by any number of people without any increase of cost to your organisation.

3. Reach a world-wide audience

You know best the costs associated to providing seminars and courses interstate and internationally. With a Training Video you can reach a world-wide audience without additional expenditure.

4. Quality control

Unlike using facilitators to present your course, utilising Training Videos allow you to know that the quality of each delivery of your course is to the standard you intend.

5. Training Videos can be used for Passive Income

Passive Income is currently a ‘hot topic’ around the internet. The definition of passive income is creating an income which does not involve trading time for money, but rather reaping continuous royalties for work done in the past. Imagine a tree, you must plant the seed, water and allow to grow, but once the tree is fully grown it will produce fruit year on year. This is the same for training videos, in the initial stages you must investment time and money to create the Training Videos, however once created you can reap the monetary fruits of your harvest year on year without constantly putting in more work.

My industry is different, we need someone their in person

In a lot of industries, the physical presence of a facilitator is mandatory or essential practicality purposes. For example in first aid training or driving lessons. However even in these industries creating Training Videos can reduce the number of hours a facilitator needs to present for and increase to quality of the content delivered.

Are organisations really doing this?

YES! Many of our RTO and course focused clients have taken up Training Videos.

As an example, one of our beloved clients, Phoenix Support for Educators were presenting a three x three-hour workshops per day for conferences of up to 3 days in a row. Whilst they were workshops and could not be completely converted to an online format, we realised that one hour per workshop was the facilitator sharing a story.