Why your Clients Trust Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are Genuine 

A genuine Testimonial Video is one of the most important mediums of video content creation for any business.

We know word-of-mouth is a great medium for your customers to tell
others about your product or service. But how do you share these
testimonials and reviews to your potential customers?

Testimonial videos allow your customers to share their journey with your company, from start to finish. It allows your potential customers to listen to the journey from a client’s perspective and maybe even hear some answers to the questions that are running through their heads. A genuine testimonial can provide great weight in creating trust in your company.


Why Video Testimonials Work

1. Not Selling but rather Sharing a Story

As a culture we are advertised to left right and centre. We all know when we are being sold something and frankly, we have become very good at ignoring it. This is precisely why Video Testimonials work so well, we are hearing a story of how the product or service was experienced from the point of view of the client.

2. Emotional Connection

Following on from the previous point, a target audience who would have otherwise switched off from the watching you SELL SELL SELL have now begun to engage with the Video Testimonial emotionally. They connect to the problem the client has had and see themselves in the clients position with that same problem. Filming with clients who are most similar to your target audience will assist in this process.

3. Selling is simple when a relationship has already been established

By now the audience have come to understand they are watching a story not an ad, of someone in a very similar situation to themselves, struggling with the same problems they are struggling with and they have made an emotional connection to this person. At this point an atmosphere so conducive to buying has been established that your product or service are not being seen as being ‘sold’ but rather are the ‘solution’ they (and your client from the Video Testimonial) need.