So you’ve spent weeks or even months producing an amazing video that showcases your brand. So now what?? You go to Facebook and click upload right? Or maybe YouTube… Or both?

The Short Answer

We get asked this question by almost every client “Should I upload my video to Facebook or YouTube?” and the short answer is you should do both AND MORE.

The Longer Answer

Your video has just become a digital asset. Congratulations! Now what does that mean? It means that you have just created something that will continuously bring you leads and conversions without costing you anything

Let me explain……

To simplify this, lets imagine that you have a brick & mortar store.

In your store you have 2 products, a can of coke and a phone charging service. Which product sounds more appealing?

Can of Coke: Each time you sell a can of coke, you will need to count stock, re-order & re-stock that can of coke. Sure, you can do these actions in bulk, however the more you sell, the more work is created to sell your product.

Phone Charging Service: Alternatively, each time you sell a phone charging service it does not have the same costs associated to stocktake. Whether you have 5 people, 50 people or 5000 people using the service you’ve already paid your supplier, this does not incur any addition expenses to your business.

Your video is like the phone charging service example, well kinda. Once created, it will not cost anything to run & will continue to provide more dividends (returns) the more places it can be seen. Therefore, when people ask us, ‘should I upload my video to Facebook or YouTube’, we explain this analogy and say each piece of content you create should give you at least 10 uses!

The breakdown of how

  1. Prior to the release of the video, post on Facebook a snippet and say how excited you are that it is coming out soon!
  2. Repeat 1. On Instagram Stories
  3. Upload the whole video to Facebook
  4. Upload the whole video to YouTube
  5. Cut the first 60 seconds of the video and upload to Instagram
  6. Create an Instagram story about how excited you are that you’ve produced this content.
  7. Take a screengrab image out of the video & quote the dialogue. Post on Facebook
  8. Repeat 7. On LinkedIn
  9. Repeat 7. On Twitter.
  10. Write a blog on your website about the video, how great it was to work with Shak Studios to make it #shamelessplug & what you learnt from the whole process.
  11. Share blog post on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Does this mean I just copy and paste my posts on every platform?

No! Whether its Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tiktok or Pinterest each platform is made up of different audiences who are on those platforms for different reasons. People visit Facebook to scroll, YouTube to watch longer content, Tiktok and Instagram are typically younger, ect.

When writing posts to accompany your video it is important to consider where you are posting and what you are saying in your post.

Pro Tip

Make sure you embed your video onto your website and make sure you are leading people back to your website. This will decrease your bounce rate, increase your SEO, brand awareness & have a higher conversion rate than just keeping your viewer on a social media site.


We know how hard it is to create high quality video content, and it is a real waste to see them ‘only’ being uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

When you break it down each video that you create should give you 10+ posting opportunities.

That way you are truly making the most of your video content. Upload it to YouTube, Post it on Facebook. Write about the experience with behind the scenes shots. Make the most of process because your audience are interested!