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We don't need to tell you that your wedding is a once in a life time moment that will pass in a heartbeat. What we do need to tell you is that our industry trained team of professional cinematographers give you the assurance that you can treasure and appreciate this priceless day for many years to come.

Shak Studios' Wedding Films. Effortless.

 Don't believe us? Let us show you how we do it:
  • Cinema aesthetic cameras: Shooting primarily on Sony's flagship mirrorless system the A7rII in stunning 4k kitted with a set of cinema lenses will always leave breathless.
  • Steadicam Operating: We know your wedding is going to move and boogie; so we will too. With Shak Studios’s Steadicam Merlin we are able float between your guests.
  • Perfect sound. Wirelessly: Recording high quality audio is easy with our Sennheiser AVX, wireless lapel microphones.
Post Production:

Polished professional editing: Allow us to showcase the emotion of your special day through precisely chosen sequences of shots.

State of the art Colour Grading: Colour Grading is where the true mix of creativity and disillusion comes into play. Our colour grading walks the line between realistic colours & stylised rich and luscious imaging.

Royalty free music chosen specifically for your video: We at ‘Shak Studios’ have a wide and resourceful bay of royalty free music, allowing us handle music choice & saving you hours of sifting through music.

Sound Mixing: Collaborating real life audio events with sound bites, music, narrative and other external audio features can be quite a challenge for one who does not know sound mixing and post production well. We at ‘Shak Studios’ can firmly say that we are proudly "Industry Standard", and dedicate ourselves to clean, clear and crisp audio.


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