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The animation industry has literally exploded in recent times and has left simple cartoons and one-dimensional characters far behind. Now, cutting edge animation allows you to connect with your audience like never before – there’s just no end to the possibilities it opens up for getting your message across.

Shak Studios’ highly-skilled animation team can help you create original characters and animated effects for any kind of media. Whether you’re looking for a brand mascot, some quirky content for your web page or a memorable product commercial, our experts are here to help.

Animation is the perfect way to make a huge impact and takes visual marketing to a whole new level. No actors to pay, no casting or locations to organise, no limit to what you can do ­ you’ll get exactly the result you’re looking for. And, because changes are so easy to make, your characters become timeless; evolving and growing in line with your project.

Shak Studios’ animation. Whatever your imagination wants, it can have.