Event Videography is the perfect way to engage your audience following an event. An event video can do two things:

  1. Recap an event: An event video can recap an event, show of the hype, a new product launch or store opening in the right light. This can then be posted through social media channels (i.e instagram works partularly well for this). Tagging all appropriate parties involved with the event will assist you gain the right traction needed to get an almost viral feel following an event.
  2. For future Events: Having an event video is so extremely helpful to use to include into that ‘perfect pitch’ to a venue/ something or your higher-ups for future events. An event video can also be used int he promotion of ‘next years event’. People love seeing what they shouild expect before commiting not only their money but their time into an event.

Here at Shak Studios we know how to create the perfect event video. Utilising an epic techno soundtrack to create hype or something those minor key tunes to match the meaningful mood of your next Yoga reteat. We ensure that your event is catered for a light weight/quick to setup and highly flexible videography kit and cinematographer.

Ready to capture the moment?