Shak Studios utilise the tools of documentary filmmaking to reinforce your brand. Each one telling your story to inform and inspire.

Since the late 1800s documentary filmmaking has used for commercial reasons. Once called ‘actuality films’, documentary filmmaking is intended to document some aspect of reality.

In the 21st century documentary filmmaking now takes an even more pronounced importance into society. With YouTube taking over as the largest online video sharing platform, the need for ‘actuality’ as it was once called is even more essential.

Why Small Businesses should utilise Documentary Filmmaking

1. Sharing a Story around the Product

We all hate being sold to and frankly, we have become very good at ignoring it. The realness of documentary films cut through this noise, we are hearing a story around the product or service not being sold

2. Emotional Connection

Relationships and emotional connect is one of the key reasons why small business are still so relevant in a world of conglomerates. Through documentary filmmaking business owners can share their story directly with their customers rather than through a marketing department.

3. Deeper than a typical Promotional Video

Now I know what you are thinking. The current trend of many promotional videos are to share the businesses story, how is Documentary Filmmaking any different? Documentary Filmmaking is often a longer, more full variation of storytelling that allows a deeper level of emotional connection and brand values recognition with your clients.

Thinking of Utilising the Power of Documentary Filmmaking?