No matter the size of your business, Corporate Video Production allow you to showcase your business to the world. Whether you are showcasing your business’ values and beliefs internally to your employees or externally to the rest of the world including your potential clients, Shak Studios will deliver high-quality corporate video production for you. From script to screen we specialise in creating purpose-driven corporate videos delivered on budget and on time. Investing into corporate videos might have a better return than you think! According to studies companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users (Source: smallbiz). Ps. It is well known that Google promotes websites which have videos embedded in their pages! With the movement towards a video-based culture, it makes sense for your company to invest in corporate videos production to assist in the promotion of your business.  

Corporate Video Production Return on Investment Strategies for Businesses

1. Increase of Web Traffic

When it comes to video marketing strategies this is the simplest to understand, however sometimes the most difficult to execute efficiently. A potential customer engages with your corporate video, connect with the product or service, follow the rabbit hole of ‘googling’ or links provided and arrive at your website/landing page ready to find out more about your brand, purchase or contact your team. Whilst this may seem very straight forward many people over-complicate this process by trying to use an ‘educated guess’ into what their potential customers are looking for and what would make them connect with the brand. A more effective use of time, money and resources is to use tools such as Facebook Audience Insights or Google Analytics to gain an analytical perspective on would resinate best with your potential customer.

2. Increase of Conversion Rates

Once a potential customer is on your website or landing page you want to keep them there as long as they need to be convinced that your product or service is the right fit for them. It is a known fact that lowering your ‘bounce rate’ heavily increases the optimisation of your website and thus leads to more conversions. How does this apply to corporate video you may be asking? Videos are one of the most interactive, engaging and immersive forms of content you can possibly have on your website. Videos help hold your potential customers on each page longer, therefore reducing bounce rate and increasing conversion rates.

Haven’t considered making Corporate Video Production a priority yet?