Obsessed Gymwear

Written by Daniel Shakibaie

In late 2018 Illusionist Josh Norbido came to us with an idea. What would a Branded Magic Video look like?

Inspired by a previous project (Bailey Nelson Store Opening Project) in which the business coach of Bailey Nelson mentioned how awesome it was that Josh incorporated their products into his magic. We went to work brainstorming a Josh Norbido The Illusionist and Shak Studios collaboration to create video content for businesses that incorporated magic into their brand or products. The idea was bounced around over the period of a few months before the perfect example client presented themselves, Obsessed Gymwear, a very much 'up and coming' gymwear brand gaining traction through social media and brand awareness campaigns. After pitching the idea of a Branded Magic Video to Obsessed, they loved it and were completely on board to see our vision become a reality.

Juxtaposing the epicness of the 'Obsessed' brand with a little comedy, Josh had just perfected the art of cutting vegetable and fruit with playing cards, to which we knew would play well into this idea of being ‘obsessed’ and training towards a goal.

The medium for this video needed to be less than 60 seconds to appeal to Obsessed’s audience on both Facebook and Instagram.

The Results


The video was released to the Obsessed Gymwear Instagram page (11.8k followers) and within the first 5 days had received over 850 views, 53 comments and a huge amount of engagement.


The video was released to the Obsessed Gymwear Facebook page (2.1k followers) and within the first 5 days had received over 550 views, 15 comments and 10 shares.

Check out the video below:

Obsessed Branded Magic Video

If you are interested in a Branded Magic Video feel free to give us a call anytime!