Dori Berkovic

Written by Daniel Shakibaie
Distrubution: Instagram

A few years ago I was engaged by children’s book illustrator Dori Berkovic to create a video for her freelance business. I have known Dori for many years and was excited to work with her to showcase her amazing work.

dori doco

Dori’s illustrations are exceptional and would obviously feature in the video, but to tell Dori’s story, we needed more than a simple showcase of illustrations. The story needed to not just be about the final product, the published illustrations, but about Dori, who she is and what inspires her to do what she does. The creativity of her work also lent itself to a certain amount of animation.

Through discussions with Dori it became evident that there were three important factors that needed to be emphasised in the video. Firstly, for Dori, freelancing equated to freedom, secondly, that her family were an integral part of who she is and what she does and thirdly, that her work has a process not just an end product.

All videos need a setting that will correlate with the emotional content. In this video we decided to use nature and wide open spaces as a means of highlighting a sense of freedom and by having footage of the whole family the idea of Dori as part of her family, with her children as her inspiration.

It was a lot of fun working with Dori, we are both creative and we bounced around a lot of ideas. We chose to use still and moving shots of her illustrations, which represented different phases of production, from rough to final copies. The text that appeared was well-timed and acted as a headline or summary of what Dori was speaking about.

We needed the audience to feel a connection with Dori and believed that having Dori herself narrate her story throughout the video would achieve this. In postproduction I added the animated birds that flew around her as she spoke. These were illustration drawn by Dori and their presence gave the video a sense of lightness and fun.

Knowing that music has a huge impact upon the video we selected an up-beat sound that matched the feel of the images and we were able to time its variations with the change of scenes.
Click below to check out the video!