Constancy Wealth

Written by Daniel Shakibaie

It was late 2017 when Daniel from Constancy Wealth and I sat down to discuss how we can produce a bank of photo and video content to be distributed over the course of the next 6 months. Having had just reviewed his marketing plan, Daniel was acutely aware of who his audience was and how best we might connect with them.

The key aspects Constancy Wealth wanted to communicate to their audience that they were ‘local to Bulimba’ and ‘for the everyday working person. From these conversations we concluded that there were 3 key avenues of content that needed to be created to gain the best traction with his audience.

Feature Video

A quirky and fun 90 second video showing Constancy Wealth interacting with different working people in and around Bulimba itself.

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Photography Content

Having a bank of photography content was key in Constancy Wealth’s plan to create weekly Facebook & Blog posts. Set in the heart of Bulimba the photos showcased people in different stages of life.

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Testimonial Videos

Taking Financial and Wealth Management Advice is not the that too many people take lightly. Therefore Testimonial Videos were utilised as a critical element of validating Constancy Wealth to their audience to their online audience.

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