Branded Video Production is a new form of advertising where the content is engaging but also shows the brand throughout the advert. Stunning and quirky video content is the perfect way connect your target audience with your brands values. Shak Studios can help you with your branded video production that resonates with your clients whilst promoting your brand. Do you remember the last quirky ad that you watched? Do you remember the brand that ad was promoting? According to StopAd, an average person is exposed to 5000 ads a day. We are more likely to remember the ads that are relevant to us, or the ones that are quirky and funny.

Engaging Branded Video Ideas

There are numerous ways to create Branded Videos, here are just some ideas:

Web Advert Style Branded Video

Within a Web Advert Style Branded Video your audience we are able to increase production value of the video due to proper lighting set-ups. Working in parallel with your marketing strategy, we will brainstorm ideas with you to create the an emotive, engaging and cinematic representation of your brand. QUICK TIP: Utilising influences (whether that be Instagram/Facebook or blogger influences) work well with this web Advert Style of video. within this realm is likely to see. To see an example of a Web Advert Style Branded Video, Click Here.

Event Focused Branded Video

Showcasing how your brand interacts with fans, support and follows is a fantastic way to solidify bonds between an individual and your brand. Creating an event video following an event continues the conversation on social media with the participants even after everyone has gone home. These relationships bring your brand forefront of mind. To see an example of a Event Focused Branded Video, Click Here.  

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