1. Define the objectives of your video

Without goals measuring success is impossible.

Before investing your time, money and effort into a video marketing campaign, consider:

  • What you are trying to achieve with each video in this campaign?
  • I would consider this campaign successful if ______
  • What are my expectations of this campaign?
  • If I were to invest $1000 into this campaign vs. $5000, what additional results would I expect?

It is important to be specific with what you are trying to achieve within each video. Do not try to cover too much within each video, otherwise your message can become watered down. You can always split themes, products and ideas down into more specific videos.

2. Pre-Production and Planning is key.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

While we aren’t exactly cutting down trees, Abraham Lincoln might as well have been talking about video content creation when he said this quote. Because the key difference between your average ‘buy our product’ video vs. a share-worthy video is pre-production and planning. This is also where is really pays to work with professional videographers #shakstudiosplug to who have expertise in this field.

3. Connect emotionally not logically with your audience

Too often we try to make purchasing our products and services ‘logically make sense’ to our audience or potential customers, when in truth, people connect with their passions and purchase with their hearts. I know it might sound corny, but seriously. What shoes are you wearing right now? I’m sure you could have found a very similar pair that ‘functionally’ do the same thing from target (no hate to Target). The truth is, you’d be happy to spend 5 times the price on a pair of designer shoes than the Target ones, because of emotion not logic.

BONUS TIP. Create a binge-like effect

People LOVEEEEE binging content. We live in a ‘watch the whole series/can’t wait till next week for a new eppy’ kind of culture. And this is super advantageous for us video marketers. According to Online Marketing Institute it takes between 7-13 touches to deliver a qualified sale lead.

Example of how YouTube pushes audiences to binge

As video marketers we need to think about our audience’s journey online, how they are going to feel at the end of your first video and where they are going to go after finishing that video. Having follow-up videos with related themes is a create way to create multiple touch points quickly with your audience.